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The Permanent Mission of Belize is responsible for representing Belize’s interest and policies at the United Nations and for communicating Belize’s national positions on various issues addressed by the United Nations to other member states and the UN Secretariat. It also promotes Belize’s foreign policy interests.

The Mission also plays a crucial role in coordinating Belize’s participation in the work of the United Nations, including attending and speaking at meetings of the General Assembly, ECOSOC and other UN bodies, as well as participating in negotiations on draft resolutions and other documents. Additionally, the Mission is responsible for maintaining relations with other Permanent Missions, the UN Secretariat, and other UN-related organizations in New York.

The Permanent Mission also serves as a liaison between Belize and the UN Secretariat, facilitating Belize’s participation in UN programs and initiatives and providing information and assistance to the Belizeans working or living in New York.

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